foosha Island

Dadan needs your help, let's see what she needs.



Wild animals



iniciando quest na dadan



Dadan asks you to kill 20 Boars to prove their worth, go to the forest to the left of Dadan's house to accomplish the task.



hunt boar

After killing them go back to Dadan and report your achievement, you will receive 540 Exp.



Food for the bad guys



Dadan needs food for his henchmen, get 4 alligator tails for her.



hunt de jacaré



hunt de jacaré



After collecting the 4 tails go back to Dadan. You will be rewarded with 500 Exp.



Mountain Bandits



Dadan needs you to defeat 35 thugs, follow the path below to get to the Gray Terminal.



caminho para Grey Terminal



caminho para Grey Terminal



caminho para Grey Terminal



When defeating the 30 thieves return to Dadan and report his achievement. You will receive 1332 Exp and a Straw Hat Emblem.



Going Merry Friends