rare Island




When you arrive at the Island of Rare Animals you are faced with a strange figure, when you approach you realize that it is a man who ended up being trapped in a chest. He asks you to help him with some tasks.



Snakerabbit and Batpandas





The first task he asks will be to eliminate 50 Usagihebi and 50 Batpanda.
The Usagihebi can be located just below Gaimon, following this path:





They can be found both in the cave on the left (up to the marked limit), and in the forest on the right.
The circled stairs lead to another Usagihebis respawn.





To find the Batpandas, follow this other path, they are located 2 floors above where Gaimon is.





Go up two flights of stairs. They meet together.





When you reach the end of the dotted line, you already start to find the Batpandas.
The staircase circled to the left leads to another Batpandas respawn.





When finished, return and report your mission to Gaimon. You will be rewarded with 27,457 experience points.



The Zebratrich





The second task that Gaimon will ask you to do is defeat 30 Zebratrich. They can be found in two locations, the first being near the chest of the labyrinth and the second at the same location as the stamina chest.
We will show you how to get to the maze chest respawn, but feel free to go elsewhere if you want.









Throughout this floor you will find the Zebratrich.
The stairs on the right lead to the chest mentioned earlier.





Afther defeating 30 Zebratrich, return and report to Gaimon.
You will be rewarded with 29,225 experience points.



The Hipporillas





The third task that Gaimon will propose to you is to eliminate 4 Hipporillas and 50 Monkeys.
They are located in the north of the island and are very dangerous, watch out, sailor!









Monkeys can be found in the forest surrounding these mountains, Hipporillas can be found climbing the stairs to the north or after the caves to the east.





When defeating all the animals, return and report to Gaimon.
You will be rewarded with 35,842 experience points.



Gaimon's chest.





The last task that Gaimon will ask you for help is related to the story of how Gaimon got stuck in the chest.
Gaimon tells him that when trying to climb a mountain that at its top is full of treasures, he ended up slipping and fell into a chest, where he was trapped.
Gaimon asks you to go to the mountain and check the contents of the treasures.



To reach the treasures, we will follow a path similar to that of the Hipporilas. Follow the following images.







When you get close to the mountain you will notice that a red message will go up indicating that the mission has been updated. After that, just return and report to Gaimon.





You tell Gaimon that all the chests on top of the mountain were completely empty, but he thanks you for your help.
You will be rewarded with 15,000 experience points.





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