cocoyasi Island

Genzo needs your help in Cocoyasi, let's see what he needs.





Rice fields



Help the village by killing 60 Alligators in the rice fields.





Killing the 60 Alligators go back to Genzo and report your success. You receive 35.100 de Exp.



Hidden Weapons



Help Genzo recover his hidden weapons to fight the newt. Look for 5 red X-shaped markings on the ground around the island.






After recovering all the weapons go back to Genzo and he will reward you with 40.000 de Exp.


The Panthers

Genzo asks for your help to eliminate 20 panthers.





Cocoyasi Plan



Genzo must deliver a letter to Nojiko on the plans to defeat the newt.







Deliver Nojiko's letter to receive 5000 de Exp. Go back to Genzo and report that you delivered the card successfully, it will reward you with a choice between an English Sword, Book, Weapon, or Punch.



Going Merry Friends