foosha Island

Makino needs your help, go to the bar to find out more.



Birthday party



dialogo com makino



Makino is preparing a birthday cake for Woop Slap, she needs you to 3 Bananas for her.



mankeys foosha



Go to the east exit of the village to find a forest full of Monkeys, defeat them to get the necessary bananas, after getting the bananas go back to Makino. You will receive 50 Exp.



Japanese Sake



Makino needs more sake for the bar. Bring a new barrel for it, the warehouse is to the west of the village, check the map below for more details.



bebida para o bar da makino



Go up the stairs, you'll find some Wolves on the way to the warehouse, beat them and collect the barrel.



bebida para o bar da makino



Go back to Makino to deliver the barrel, you will be rewarded with 250 Exp and 20 Bronze Berrys.



Mt. Colubo



Makino must deliver a letter to Curly Dadan at the north end of the village, climb mountains to get to her.



caminho para dadan



caminho para dadan



caminho para dadan



When you get to Dadan's house, talk to her to deliver Makino's letter. You receive 175 de Exp. Go back to Makino and tell him that you delivered the letter, she will 15 Bronze Berrys AND one beer.



Going Merry Friends