Dr. Michio

kumo Island

On Kumo Island is Dr. Michio, let's see what he needs.





To get to Dr. Michio follow the edge of the mountain to the other side where you will have a ladder to climb.





Dr. Michio Research



Dr. Michio needs 25 red spider legs to start researching the huge red spider.



Tip: You can buy red spider legs at the black market beforehand to make the quest easier.





There are red spiders all over the island, just defeat them and get 30 legs, go back to Dr. Michio to gain 20,000 Exp.



The final research



Dr. Michio wants to investigate the spider cave, but first you need to defeat 60 red spiders for him.



Again there are spiders all over the island, defeat 60 of them and go back to Michio, the reward is 29640 Exp.



Going Merry Friends