Nezumi Quest

orange Island



Let's talk to Nezumi to upgrade his ship to level 3, he is in Orange Town.





Food Supplies



Navy captain Nezumi has asked you to collect the food supply that was left at the food store in Syrup Village.









Get the supplies and go back to Nezumi. You will receive a 2.0 Repair Kit and 100 Berries.



Duty and nap



While the honorable Captain Nezumi takes a nap, sail between Island of Rare Animals and the other small island to the south to check for pirates.





Take this route as shown above, when “Quest Updated” appears you can return to Nezumi, your reward will be 1 Repair Kit 1.0.



The Supply Ship



Nezumi wants you to escort a "supply" ship to the delivery point.







By clicking Accept you will be transported to an instance where you will have to escort Nezumi's supply ship, he will be attacked by various enemies so be careful not to sink.





Arriving at the destination you will receive the above rewards, go back to Nezumi and hand the money bag to him. You will receive 200 Berries.



Stolen Weapons



Find Nezumi's friend behind Navy Base and pick up the stolen weapons from him. Beware of the Marine Ship.





Be careful and don't get too close to Marine Base as you will come across cannons and towers that can wreck you in the blink of an eye.





Go around the base and you will find Nezumi's friend, talk to him for the stolen weapons and return to Nezumi. Go back to Nezumi and report your success, you will receive 270 Berries.



Navy Duty



Investigate why ships disappear near the island north of Orange Town.





You will encounter some sea creatures along the way so watch out.





When you get there you will see “Quest Updated”, when it happens go back to Nezumi and complete the quest.



Confidential Files



The Sailors are about to perform a top secret operation and you need to defeat some Marine Ships until you get 3 Confidential Files. Once you get the 3 Confidential Files delivered to Nezumi, you will receive 250 Berries.



The invasion



Break into Navy Base by destroying the north gate and steal Akuma no Mi for Nezumi



Attention: This part you will need help from other players as it will need to invade the navy base, it is very fortified and difficult to invade. Take lots of repairs and be careful as you can easily sink







Knock down the gate to cross to the base, be careful that cannons and towers do a lot of damage.





Head south and you will find a purple chest, click on it.





Go back to Nezumi and give it to Akuma no Mi. You will receive 1 Repair Kit 2.0 and 700 Berries.



Navy Investigation



Find Nezumi between Island of Rare Animals and another small island in the south.





Once you get there you will be transported to an instance where you will have to survive Nezumi's ambush.







Defeating Nezumi and his sailors will reward you with materials and a Ship Technology Project III, with which you will be able to upgrade your ship to level 3.



Going Merry Friends