cocoyasi Island

Nojiko needs your help, let's see what she needs.





The Triton



Defeat 90 Fishmans + 1 Fishman Grunt to help the village.







The Fishman Boss









Note: You can find it both inside Arlong's mansion and in all the Park's surroundings.



After defeating him return to Nojiko and report his feat. You receive amount of experience.



No more Takoyaki


Help Nojiko sabotage Takoyaki's Triton, defeat 50 Baby Octopus.






Defeat 50 Baby Octopus and return to Nojiko. You receive amount of xp and an Arlong Emblem.



Save the child



An angry child is heading toward Arlong Park and you need to prevent that from happening.






Convince Boy Chabo not to do this madness. After this he will deliver you a Sword of the Chabo, return to Nojiko and deliver to her. You receive 35.000 de Exp.



Save the prisoner



The prisoner is in Arlong Park. Go there and save it before the Arlong returns.















Use the Nojiko Knife to free the prisoner, you will receive 35.000 de Exp.



Find the map



There's a room with maps on the top floor, go there and look for a map for Tina.













Take the map and come back to deliver it to Tina, you will receive 55.000 de Exp. After that, go to Nojiko and report your achievement, you will receive more 35.000 de Exp.



Going Merry Friends