rare Island




There are rumors that a girl got lost on the Island of Rare Animals, we have to find her before something happens to her!



The Rescue



Follow this path, apparently she was spotted near the snakes at the bottom of the forest.





When we found her we found out that her name Sarfunkel, she ended up getting lost in the jungle and is terrified. We have to get her to a safe place.





Accepting to help her you will be taken on a special mission where you will have to keep Sarfunkel safe throughout the journey.





Be very careful with the snakes! Keep Sarfunkel around to ensure her safety.





Upon arriving at this point in the forest, Gaimon and his animal friends will be waiting to receive Sarfunkel safely, now she will be by Gaimon's side at the camp.





Feeding the animals



Gaimon is teaching Sarfunkel how to feed the animals, but she is trapped in a barreland will need your help to picking up some ingredients.



Feeding Tigephan



Your first task will be to pick up a meat that Tigephan left at a picnic in the southwest of the island.





To arrive at the picnic we will have to venture on the left side of the island, follow these paths carefully!





Here on this floor we will find Bat-Pandas in large quantities, be careful to not be surrounded!







The picnic with the meat will be located near the stairs, but be very careful with the centipedes that live here.





Now just return to the camp and deliver the meat to Sarfunkel.





Tigephan was very happy to receive the meat. You'll be rewarded with 20.000 experience.



Feeding Cocox





Sarfunkel doesn't like to see his friends cry, and when Cocox is hungry he cries a lot. To prevent Cocox from crying, we need to find 5 worms to feed him. The worms are located in the island's caves. Follow these paths to find the worms.













Here on this route we will find 3 of the 5 necessary worms. But stay tuned beacause the place is dominated by Monkeys and Hipporillas, facing them alone can be very risky.





First worm.





Second worm.





Third worm. Be aware that from this point its possible to find Hipporillas.





Leaving this location, we will climb the stairs on the path we use to get to this cave, next to the monkeys.





Here we will find the last two worms on the mission. The path to the cave will have several Bat-Pandas, stay tuned.





Fourth worm.





Fifth worm, be careful in this cave because there are a lot of Usagihebi.





Collect the last worm and go back to deliver it to Sarfunkel, head to the right of the cave that will have a path that leads to the camp's stairs.





Cocox was very happy when you delivered the worms, with this you will be rewarded with 25.000 experience.



Feeding Dogffe





To feed Dogffe we ​​will have to prepare a potion using various ingredients found on the island, including those obtained by defeating enemies from Gaimon's missions. Using the cauldron near Sarfunkel you can see the recipe for preparing the potion.





It will be necessary:
- 7 Green centipede heads.
- 30 Centipede shells
- 10 White snake tails.
- 20 Bananas.
- 35 Wasp Wings.
- 5 Banana Bunches.
- 1 Salada.

The potion will take 2 minutes until it is finished.
With the potion in hands, just hand it over to Sarfunkel. You will be rewarded with 50.000 experience.





Thank you sailor! You helped feed all the animals on the island and Sarfunkel was very grateful and happy!



Going Merry Friends