Ship Quest

foosha Island



Let's talk to Rackham to evolve his vessel, he's off the port of Foosha.





Treasure in the Sea





Talk to Rackham's boat to get the mission, he'll ask you to find the treasure he hid.





You can also guide yourself by observing the arrow on your ship.







Arriving at the site click on the treasure to retrieve it, go back to Rackham and deliver it to him. You will receive a Repair Kit 1.0 and 100 Berries.



The lost ship



Rackham told him about a ship that sank in the sea to the northwest of Foosha Village and wants to know if you're brave enough to meet him.





Follow the path marked above, be careful because on the course you will find sea creatures and swirls that can become a bit annoying, proceed calmly.







Arriving there click on the floating barrel to retrieve the merchandise, go back to Rackham to deliver it. You will receive 1 more Repair Kit 1.0 and 200 Berries.



Protecting the load



Rackham needs help to transport the cargo to Shells Town and you'll need to protect his ship from the dangers of the sea.





When you click Accept you will be transported to an instance where you will have to escort the ship from Rackham to Shells Town, on the way you will encounter enemies so be careful and do not let them shipwreck Rackham's ship.







Upon successful completion of the course you will receive the prizes shown above and a Money Bag, delivered to Rackham at the entrance to Shells Town. You will receive another Repair Kit 1.0 and 150 Berries.



Marine Enemies



Sea monsters are very aggressive and are preventing new ships from reaching or leaving Foosha Village. Defeat 10 Jellyfishs and 10 Piranhas to solve the problem.





Jellyfish and Piranha are common creatures, you can find them on the outskirts of Foosha Village and Shells Town with ease. When defeating the creatures go back to Rackham and report his done. You will receive 2 Repair Kits 1.0 and 300 Berries.



Lord of the Coast



Find the ship of Rackham's friend and find out what happened to him.





Clicking on investigate you will be transported to an instance where you will have to investigate the big noise.





You will discover that the great noise is about a King of the Sea called Lord of The Coast, with the help of the sailors you need to defeat the creature.





Defeating the creature you will be rewarded with materials to upgrade your ship.





Returning to Rackham in Shells town talk to him to finish the task and receive a Ship Technology II Project, with him and the materials purchased in the missions you will be able to upgrade your ship to level 2.



If you do not know how to build the ship level 2 read the navigation tutorial, there is everything about the system, just click here.



Going Merry Friends