samui Island

Sora needs your help, let's see what he needs.




Hunting time



iniciando quest



Sora asks you to give an account of the wolves and tigers that are prowling the camp, delivered 10 wolf ears and 3 white tiger leather to prove they were killed.



hunt de lobos e tigres



Head to the left of the camp and climb a small mountain, there you will find a good amount of wolves and tigers. The reward is 5000 de Exp.






Sora needs you to collect firewood for the campfire, head southwest to camp to collect the woods.



caminho ate as madeiras






After collecting the wood, return to Mother in 5000 Exp and 100 Bronze Berries.



Big Foot



Sora is worried that his grandfather has not yet returned, he asks you to go look for him in the mountains to the north. Follow the map below to find it.



rota para avô do sora



rota para avô do sora



rota para avô do sora



avô do sora



Fuyuki will tell you that he was chased by a bear because of a meat he carried and had to hide, he tells you to tell his grandson that he will return soon. Return to Sora to be rewarded with 5000 Exp, 200 Bronze Berries e 2 Beers.



Talk to Hideaki



Sora asks you to go to the docks to check if your grandmother is well. Go down the stairs and head to the docks where Hideaki is found.



rota para hideaki



When she gets there she asks you to help her fish and gives you a bucket of baits, go back to where you are Sora so that it fills him with baits.



balde de iscas



Sora will reward you with 5000 Exp and will give you the bucket with the baits, go back to Hideaki. Arriving there, deliver the bucket of baits and she will thank you.



Get more food



After delivering the bait bucket she asks if you would like to eat, the problem is that she did not catch anything. Hideaki will ask you to 12 pieces of wolf meat. After you deliver the meats you will be rewarded with 5000 de Exp.



Feed the Snowball



Sora will ask you to feed your pet rabbit, take the carrot and follow the path shown below.



rota para o coelho de estimação



coelho de estimação



Arriving there offer the carrot to Snowball (right click on the rabbit), he will be very happy and you will receive 3000 de Exp.



Go back to Sora and report that you fed Snowball, he will thank you and you will receive 5000 de Exp.