cocoyasi Island

Tojungshi needs your help on Conomi Island, let's go there!







Dealing with problems



The baby moles are attacking the miners and they can not work. Defeat 53 Baby Moles to solve the problem.





Carts for transport



There are 10 ore-carrying carts inside the mole cave, find them and bring the ores to Tojungshi.



Note: Be careful because you will find many Baby Moles and Moles, they have a very strong attack, if possible do not do this part alone,you can get the ores while you are killing the baby moles.









Taking the 10 ores back to Tojungshi and delivered to him. You receive 50.000 Exp.



Scaring the moles



Defeat 15 Moles to scare them, so the miners can descend to the top floors.









Note: The Moles are found on all floors of the cave, however in the last level of the subsoil is the largest concentration of them.



Defeat the Moles and return to Tojungshi to complete the task. You receive 36.300 Exp.



Protecting the Plantation



The moles are attacking the Tojungshi plantation and he is running out of food. Deal with them before it's too late.





When you're done click on "I'll help you" to proceed to the mini-game.





You need to defeat 30 Moles, just get close to them to hit with the hammer.





When you complete the task you will receive a Letter of Apology, hand it over to the Tojungshi to receive 25.000 Exp.



Going Merry Friends