Woop Slap

foosha Island

Woop Slap has quests for you, go to the center of the village and learn more about it.



General store



iniciando quest



Woop Slap will tell you that you need to meet the villagers, head to the right and talk to Tomiichi in his shop.



loja do tomiichi



After talking to Tomiichi go back to Woop Slap and report on the conversation, you will receive a Rice Cookie.



The docks



Talk again with Woop Slap and he will tell you that you need to meet Aiko on the docks, go right and talk to him.



conhecendo Aiko



After talking to Aiko return to Woop Slap and report your task, you will receive another Rice Cookie.



East Blue



After reaching level 10 talk again with Woop Slap to give you your first boat. At the conclusion of the Mayor's missions you are presented with a Ship Improvement Kit I, a Level 1 Helmet, a Level 1 Sail, and a Level 1 Cannon. Use the upgrade kit and go to the Docks (that giant white anchor) there you can check the selection screen of the characters and in the lower right corner you can notice a button written Ship Ship.



kit de melhoria



embarcar no navio



Going Merry Friends